That generic blue and white graphic included with facebook doesn’t look like you or any of your co-workers. Professionally made headshots would represent you and your business much better than a close-cropped face photographed with a cell phone.

OK, headshots may not be the most important thing on your list but you and your co-workers probably laugh and agree it’s time for the boss to get a new one. He hasn’t looked like that old snap shot on the company website since he was the new boss. Or perhaps the boss actually is new and she needs a nicely done executive portrait?

We can take care of headshots for you right there in the office. We' ll bring a portable studio to your office, create professional business portraits on-site and then transfer them directly to a private online gallery for viewing and download.

Our complete menu of services, products and prices is posted here.

If you would like for someone to contact you about Office Headshots just let us know.

Serving the Memphis area, We can schedule a shoot for one person or an entire company. Contact us today to arrange headshots. Do it right now so you can move on to more important stuff, like checking your facebook page.

Thank You.

Gary Baldwin
4395 Wind Tree Drive
Bartlett, Tennessee 38135
PHONE: 901-413-8751






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